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TheSilverShadowTheSilverShadowBRONZE Member
Uncle Chop Chop
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Location: Time is the Fire in which we burn, United Kingdom

ubblol ubblol Sorry if you've all seen this before I did a search and nothing came up. well like the title says the best beatboxing ever hahahahahahaahah

oops almost forgot link

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PyroWillPyroWillGOLD Member
HoP's Barman. Trapped aged 6 months
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Location: Staines, United Kingdom

ha ha ubblol that was prety good cheers for sharing

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YakumoYakumoSILVER Member
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Beardyman from Brighton smile

love the take on goldy at the end.

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FlyntFlyntSILVER Member
Intrepid Penguin
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I gotta put my vote in for this recipe of beat goodness...

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giftedweaselgiftedweaselBRONZE Member
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I wish I could beatbox...
ah well, maybe I will learn someday...


Theo_Theo_SILVER Member
Dirty Hippie
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 Written by: Flynt

I gotta put my vote in for this recipe of beat goodness...

That was a well good vid. biggrin

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Antti_EverythingAntti_EverythingGOLD Member
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Location: Jrvenp, Finland

Felix Zenger, Finland

This one blows my mind everytime. I especially love the part at 1:30--> and his "scratching" is insane..

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