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Posted: Wondering if there are any regular spin jams in the Byron shire area? Im moving to mullumbimby and want to get in contact will more people in the area who have Fire in their hearts....

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Posted:Hi there PB
Im not from Byron but spent a few months there doing street shows - theres a great bunch of jugglery type people there. I think its tuesdays down on te beech other side of the surf club is 'muscle beach' - a whole load of spinners, jugglers, whippers etc... its free - but they dont always turn up - just take your chances. Say hi from Rob (dread UK - firedancer with SOLAR) to Suzi, Space cowboy and the gang)
Go to the arts factory for daily spinning lessons and put notivces up on the boards
In Mulum theres Spaghetti Circus - which does training most days I think - bit expensive for me - so I never went - but heard good things about.
Otherwise its just 'pot' luck i guess!!
Its a good place Mulum, I lived out in the bush abit further out - beautiful
Have fun and hope it sunshines!!

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