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ok another long shot but to all those many people here who may be at newcastle uni (UK) im restarting juggle soc!! well i will once i get my thumb out my ass. if youre interested or know anyone that might be let me know! i juggle 3 balls (not very well), spin diabolo and fire staff. will obviously have people into cj, devil sticks, clubs, rings, poi, swords, chainsaws ... $h*t knows! ubblocowill try to get fire nights happening but that may have to be non society based (insurance dodge.. you know how it goes).

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Hillary from HoP (haven't seen her around in a while) is Newcastle uni based. Her and her troupe do a lot of fire stuff around the area, including a fire night in Newcastle on wednesdays (I think).
This is going back to a year ago now, but I'm guessing they're still doing their stuff.

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hi, i used to run CircSoc at newcastle and couldn't run fire sessions so used to just advise people went to wednesdays at the civic centre.
I used to peform with hilary and i'm sure the sessions still run; i'm bristol based now but maybe contact cos he's probably more aware than me now!
We used Dochray House in fenham (same place at newcastle jugglers) on wednesday afternoons for circsoc, the management there might be able to house you, normally quite cheap with mats and stuff.
just to warn you, was bloody hard to get people to join this time of year... i'd wait till freshers week to pounce on new blood!!

good luck el presidente!

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