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Im losing my baby, dam the law. mad2 frown I am a project person meaning I need something to keep me busy or I get in trouble (*big trouble*). Well when I first got her, she had a blown tranny, spray-painted, permanent markered, she was white and black, and just plan out treated badly. So I took her in and this is what I did:
Replaced tranny
New paint job
New decals (yes I riced out my car)
Repainted the interior
And little things here and there

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Why are you losing it?

 Written by: N!ko

blown tranny

Sounds nasty....

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 Written by: n!k0

she had a blown tranny,

Happens to me all the time! wink

but seriously....you're losing her why exactly?


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Hmmmmm looks like a street racer......is that why? umm My ADD makes it so that.....Ooooo SHINY.....wanna go ride bikes....wait....where am I.....

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i can't even see what she is... a 180? or perhaps an old 300 or supra?
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