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I'm a Fire Spinner from the Canadian Prairies. For the last two months I've been traveling around BC, going to retreats, camping, changing, opening and playing with lots of fire. I'm coming down the West Coast, starting in Vancouver and I'm looking to hook up with some of the fire spinning communities between Vancouver and San Fran. I have limited funds and limited contacts, so pretty much any offers of generosity will be recieved with enormous amounts of gratitude.

I'll be hitching down, so I only have a vague timeline. I start from Vancouver next week and I want to leave San Fran between the beginning and middle of April.

My primary skill is poi and I'd be more than willing to help teach or even hold my own workshops (I only teach for free and for trade). I can teach both beginners and intermidate spinners and I have all sorts of little things to help open up ones coordination. My favorite tricks switch between variations of butterflies and variations of flowers.

Peace, love and sunshine,

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