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My venturer leaders are about to give birth to their second child.
For their first child we got them a nice blanket (i think someone may have made it) and some other items.
We know we want to get them something for their second child, but we dont know what to get them.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what to get a second baby?
and no, they dont know the gender, they want some element of surprise

GnorBRONZE Member
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Relaxation music
Relaxation essentail oil mix
Babt massage oils

see a theme here.. wink

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Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

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You could get a really nice engraved wooden box for the parents to keep baby keepsakes in. You could put a cute babygrow in it and a cuddly toy, then they can put their own things in it while their baby grows up.
Maybe even put it something for the parents - smelly bath stuff or perhaps earplugs...?

Boo x

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ooh.. some nice ideas coming through guys... anyone else got any other ideas? (need a wide range of ideas to give to the unit)

IgirisujinSILVER Member
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A 12 pack of Trojan? ubblol joke joke

Hmmm, what about a baby photo album

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_Aime_SILVER Member
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2 corks. One to put in each end wink

I like the idea of a photoalbum smile
You could get somebody to take a picture of all youse lot and the parents including bump, and make it the first picture in the album smile

DaizBRONZE Member
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An TEDDY BEAR! The first thing I owned was a good old Teddy, lol. Tell them it's magic and keeps bad dreams away; they'll treasure it. biggrin

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ooh... some good ideas guys... Im thinking I should approach the unit soon

ValuraSILVER Member
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one of the nicest gifts I recieved when Taj was born, was from the brisbane hop crew- a stacker full of so many different baby things...
bath termomaters (sp?) nappies, baby wipes, towels, a little teddy, a portable bottle warmer,(that heats the bottle in the car lighter) little jumpsuits,baby nail clippers, hats etc are always great...

maybe chuck a massage voucher in there for mum and dad too...
Hope that may help!

smile biggrin

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BlayzeSILVER Member
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What about a book of bedtime stories for them to read to him/her? I know it will be more useful in a few years, but you can never have too many stories...

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faith enfireBRONZE Member
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a mobile or one of those miniplaneterium things that have the shapes that move on the ceiling-some of them play music

my cousins all loved the baby einstien stuff

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A free babysitter lol

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the baby was born yesterday!!
She, yes it's a girl! was born at 4:20 yesterday morning, both mum and bubs are healthy, however bubs was 10 days late. can't remember the other details, except either her first or second name is Louise!
That makes 2 girls for them, the other one is about two years old now

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