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Post deleted by infinite

dont make peoples heads turn, give them whiplash.

mtbeerGOLD Member
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Some other nice variations:

Split time.

Turn with them.

Mix them with some cool TTN patterns going over the shoulder and under the arm. Basically an alternating crosser butterfly weave in wall plane. This is by far my favorite.

Sneak in some crosser BTLs while walking.

BTB butterfly crossers! Yes, they can be done... not by me though frown

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oliSILVER Member
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this should be in poi moves i reckon, and the trick is not new, as mtbeer says it works really well with cool thread the needle patterens try mixing them up with inversions stalls wraps etc... and turns. hours of fun ubbloco

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DutSILVER Member
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Written by: infinite

WHat about right arm under left armpit and left arm reaching around BTB to rt waist, can you do crossers here?

hehe. if the left poi comes to the front under the right armpit, that's the "impossible straightjacket" according to some naming conventions. if it doesn't go under the right armpit but just around the right arm to WW at the front, i call it the "almost impossible". i tried to show mtbeer once but it's one of those move families i need to work my way into to get smooth. i can either get into the SJ or do (crappy) reels from already in that position, but I can't do both yet...

and yeah. even technical poi moves still should be in poi moves for future reference. biggrin
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