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How do all? Was just wondering if Falmouth was on and when it will be? It will be my first one since picking up Poi last september and since then I have got into staff and devil stix. And juggling now but Poi is my first love. So help me out guys?

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I'm going to BJC on the Hazel love bus but since I've found out from my dear sweet mother that I was conceived in Falmouth (nothing a child should ever hear from their parents but nevermind) I have the odd compulsion to visit the mother country... Anyone have a spare seat in their mode of transport?

Is it free too? (Falmouth that is... I'm will to fork out for petrol as well)

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NS - all you pay for is the camping which last year was less than 10 for the 5 days biggrin

t'will be awsome smile ... need to get my friend to commit to coming or not hmmm.... *wanders off to badger people


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If I have any left I shall also bring a few fireworks biggrin moskly little rockets but where better to let them Off?

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.

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I'm a hopeful for this. all depends on hwat i have to work over easter and if Seye is driving down (and has room for me) or not smile

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Ok. Ze situation is now resolved.

[Old link]


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