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Hello everyone, not many people through this forum would know me as yet, but I have been spinning for just short of 3 months at Alexandria Gardens in Melbourne.

Maybe either at around April or November next year I'm thinking of taking a trip around through the U.S and Canada so I'm just wanting to meet a few people and get to know people a bit better around the area and what kinda stuff goes on around the areas I may be visiting.

Heres a small list of some places I'm thinking of visiting:

Los Angeles
Las Vegas
New York

and possibly more palces along the way, so yeah if your from around there or just in North America in general please say hello so I can get to know you all a little better smile

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what? no boston? nah, i wouldn't visit here neither tongue (j/k)

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VISIT DALLAS!!!!! DALLAS ROCKS! and the party scene here is even better..except in april or november next year ill be in Phoenix...and my fire partner will be in shreveport =( so yeah...make it this year lol

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or minneapolis

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I'm in the Mississippi area

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Well, are at all interested in poi?? If so, good to connect with the lovely Nick Woolsey:
Meenik of Playpoi... he's based in Vancouver I think: such a lovely man and wonderful teacher!

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