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Hey guys!

Did you have a great new year and want to relive it? Or a roooobish new year and want to try again?

If so, we are having new New Years here in manc...actually we are having two, for those who can't make one or the other.

We are having midnight countdowns, newnew years resolutions..the lot... biggrin

Sooo...Friday 27th, Fab cafe, (underneath buffet city) at 9pm ish, progressing on to other places about 10

and sat 28th jan, starting in grand central at 9pm, moving on to the CIRCUS THEMED monstermonster(bouncy dancing night) in Joshua Brooks at about 10ish, 10.30 (dress up! bring poi! bring a weasel!)

It would be ace to see some of you lot there biggrin

*bounces off*

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