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Posted:Its comes in many sizes shapes and forms. This one is about the nest. Mine is changing soon. I am moving away from home. I will be on my own roaming free soon. Happy to share this with all of you at HOP. I will still have my old mail and contact number although I am unsure how long it will be before I get regular internet again after the New Year...

I dunno what to say really.
I am happy and am totally overjoyed at the thought of a whole room to myself in a shared house with some random people (dont know them yet)...

Although asked not to post this I have to its my right. I am happy and would like to show it.

The waterfall has come; I have jumped and am now pondering how many tricks I can do before I reach the water.

Thanks to all those on HOP who have come to shape, twist and make this little pixie think. I love you all, my HOP family, may we continue to grow and share bringing love and light to those whom we hold dear.

I hope to see you all in my dreams,
Love, hugs, and general good things to all of you...


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Posted:Keep us posted, Drome!

And knowing you, you'll pull off a triple flip with four twists in pike position, and then suddenly decide to do a cannon ball and make the world's biggest splash ever!

-Mike )'(
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Posted:darling,how lovely you are!

it will be wonderful when you move, i (think) i know how happy it will make you, change is the one thing of life we cant predict but at the sametime, is what makes life different from existing, everything changes, presant to past, situations to memories. . places we are, ppl we meet, the good thing is that we never truely lose the thing that changed, we store it, remeber it and hope we obtain joy and knowledge from its memory be it good or bad . . .sorry silly ramblings

cant wait to see you here soon
all my love
lollix x x

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Posted:quote:Originally posted by MikeGinny (Lightning):
And knowing you, you'll pull off a triple flip with four twists in pike position, and then suddenly decide to do a cannon ball and make the world's biggest splash ever!Well before I had a chance to make a big splash I was stoped and time froze. One moment and I saw all that is and all that has been. Transformations are fun!

I am drying off now. I plugged in the system and started the biggest party I have ever been too! Happy to be able to share this with those who I love.

I and we... The most interesting concept I have ever encountered.

Its not all in your head you know!

love and hugs



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Posted:Good luck drome pixie

Where are you moving to?

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Posted:da pixie, da pixie in da drome, drome, drome, drome....

So excited by your adventure. Although I want to do the nervous mum thing and spout such stuff as "take care" and "pack clean underwear". But I will rebel against it. When it comes to new experiences throw yourself in wholehearted and without reservations, and without clean underpants...

Just stay in touch


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All the best with your move. You're most welcome to pop into HOP (in NZ) should you be passing close by for a cold and a warm

Kindest regards


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Posted:lollie............youre not laura by any chance????????????????



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Posted:No not laura...

I am drome but on mitch's log on so as to confuse you further!


Anyhow I dunno... Jan-??? in Sheff and then the wind is blowing a couple of thousand miles SE to the land down under. I am unsure and will give status reports when I am able...


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