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Posted:In the local Lloyds Pharmacist yesterday I found on sale 1.2mt X 1.2mt kitchen fire blankets they were 2.99. They are single use ones, but for that price I though you couldn't really go wrong. They are kite marked with the relevant saftey number.

Now I'm not sure how lloyds is run, it maybe a franchise, but it's worth going in to your local one to see if they have them too.

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Posted:i used to er.................borrow them off the welders at work (well.....they did leave them laying around the site) but good call skully clap


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Posted:i saw some for about that much in the pharmacy at my hospitall, so i guesse it's probably being done allot of places, can't say what they were like as i had no money to buy one but they were single use.

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