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Posted: Urban Decay Vs BWPT 31st dec (duh!!!)

Get ya cordrouy action slacks on listeners theres gonna b a private new years eve bash brought to you by nottinghams longstanding regulars and their leicester counterparts, BWPT. Sounds like Tekno, Psy-Trance, Jungle, Breaks and D&B. DJs Sodnpoo, BWPT Nick, D-Omen, Cavemonkey, Mossop, Kuss, Nicky Fishmarkett, BStorm, Lizzard Man, Fbmam+many many more.....its gonna b bushty!!!!
Ring:-07843163166 after 9pm on the day to find where.
Bring Wot U Expect 2 Find....Peace

hug hug hug hug

Not strictly a poi-party, but we don't necessarily need Poi to party!

Health is a secondary consideration when you have a lifestyle to maintain

Not seen a Banana do Double Staff in the woods? You obviously weren't at that party!

'my guess would be staffers dont waste time talking bollox' - strugz

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