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does anyone know about passing? you know like dipping a finger into the fuel(what kind is best?) and drawing a line on your belly and then lighting it with another finger. hopefully it will go out fastish and with little when you have double staff and only one end is lit and then you lickit and carry the fire on your tounge and light the other side, samoan style???also putting out fingers in mouth?..thanka.....MaLi........

In Australia we use a fuel called Shellite ( i dont know if you can get it in USA). You can light one end of a staff, light your tounge with the lit end and then light the oppisite end from your tounge (or hand for the less daring - or stupid - such as myself). This fuel is not suitable for breathing as it is too

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In the states you might try Coleman fuel. I know it's works well for transfers on my fire eating torches. I've just started using it on my other equipment for indoor shows, so far I like it...

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