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Siteswaps is possibility how to notate moves in sequence.

Its comming form "ball siteswaps". In ball siteswaps is the

most important the height of the ball. In Poi siteswaps we

take two basic sides and beats that Poi makes on each side.

Beat (Wikipoidia)

"Moves can be counted in terms of beats, where the number of

beats is the number of revolutions each individual poi does before

coming back to its initial position. "

Families and moves:

11 - Parallel wheel plane

22 - Low turn

22 - Figure 8

33 - Weave

22 - Low wave

22 - Wind mill

22 - Corkscrew

02 - Butterfly

22 - Low wave

04 - Thread the needle

22 - Mexican weave

22 - Horizontal mexican weave

02 - Split time butterfly

04 - Split time threade the needle

Siteswap bracing:

We use bracing to diferentiate moves in sequence.


Figure 8 > Cross over > Figure 8 > Cross-over


Weave > Weave > Weave


Mexican weave > Butterfly > BTB Butterfly


Classic: 22113322(22)22

Offset: (52)(25)

Buzzsaw: 020 (only buzzsaw as central plane has 3 numbers)

Reels: 22

Weave: 221133(22)22

Figure 8 > Cross-over > Weave > Figure 8 > Figure 8


"You cant number moves exactly, but you can write there beats for easier imagination."

"What only you need is to know which family you are in and what moves you want to do."

There is only left or right


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Am sure this is an ingeanous system but I haven't a clue what your talking about.

Written by: Richee


a) There is only left or right
b) There is balance between
c) Move is set of beats
d) Moves ar separated by braces
e) The beginning is Carry

wtf are you talking about. I'm sure it makes sense to you but this doesn't explain your idea at all and the rest of the post continues in the same vain,

only saying this cos a interested in what your getting at and there no way am going to figure it out from that post.

Maybe I should change this too something abit nicer, humm no I still think your all Ccensoredt

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Examples of what exactly? Weaves I guess...

Anyway, I've been inspired to work out a system, have worked out the sequences for a whole bunch of stuff, just need to find a good notation for it. But I'm off out clubbing now, so it'll have to wait ubblol

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A system that would look like a music partition, and where each number would be a poi figure ?

So it could be played by robots ?!

Okay, calming down the geek inside...

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Spiralx > Example of every move you put inside. (about anti spin,basic one is 11 cause your hand stay in the same plain doing big circles in split time and Anti-spining is technique(with degree) you are using. )

JohnVenture > Yes. Michal Kahn may have robots smile but, no.


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ubblol @ last comment.

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poi uses math??? and physics???

That's it, I'm quitting guys.

wink *said the former mechanical engineering major

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