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Posted:does anyone know the best grade of wire wool to use and, the best way of attaching it to fire poi/fire staff?
any advice would be excellent

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Posted:This question has been asked soooooo many times before. Always do a search before posting. As you are new I have done one for you, but I'll leave it up to you to look through the many hundreds of threads that already exist on the subject.

By the way, I hope you realise that this is very dangerous, as the sparks are actually red hot wire particles that will set fire to you and everything around you. You should ensure that you wear goggles to protect your eyes, fire safe, thick clothes, and spin in a safe area with nothing and noone anywhere near you.

Wire Wool

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Posted:"as the sparks are actually red hot wire particles that will set fire to you and everything around you" umm



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Posted:wrote this a while back
wire wool info

as for grade, the finer the better

and ucof, it does set fires...we were spinning wool for a photo shoot and some sparks happened to land on a nice lil outcrop of leaves...so out came the extinguishers and stampings smile

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