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Since this was brought up, I was supplied Bartoline refined parafin product code 1513, for a recent fire show, yes normally I provide my own fuels as very very picky about fuel types for performances, espesially so for shows incorporating oral fire arts in any form.

An inspection of the msds sheets providied no major contra indications compared to the usual refined paraifn(s) and ocaisional lamp oil(s) I use for oral arts, note the flash point for this product is outside what I would consider suitable being 50deg C I prefer to work with 65 / 70 deg C.

Test and evaluation of the fuel didn't thrown up any major concerns though, however, I did find post show clean up that contact around the muzle area of even minute amounts of the liquid rapidly became very irritating, compared to other materials I use, thourough clean up etc imediately required.

I am particularly sensitive to parafin(s) skin contact so I make sure my technique is completely solid, and am very picky about fuels, however a perhaps somewhat personal observation suggests that Bartoline premium parfin is NOT suitable for fire-breathing due to it's lowered flash point and skin irritation.


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