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seeing as there are lots of people in the new moves thread and others talking bout fishtailing things (me being one of them) i thought i'd make a thread for it.

so waht can u fishtail? eh?

myself i can fishtail:-
juggling clubs,
devil sticks,
hand sticks,
umbrellas (closed),
pencil cases,
squash rackets
and of course staffs.

how bout you?

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Don't do what meg does it will only lead to death smile smile : )


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I'm not trying to start a fight but does anyone else think that fishtails are a lot of hard work for very little effect?

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Only little effect to those who dont actually know staffing. The untrained eye. Maybe you shouldnt see fishtails as the final effect but a process to enhance balance and flow. Thats how i see it. Every new move i learn i try and incorperate so all the moves flow into one.

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Written by: DeepSoulSheep

I'm not trying to start a fight but does anyone else think that fishtails are a lot of hard work for very little effect?

yup. I totally agree with that. But in some ways, it means you need to emphasize the body movement more to make it look good.

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Written by: Devilstick_Russell

can anyone point me in the direction of some short staff fishtail videos? about 1 or 2 mins just to get some ideas from. Cheers if you can help

i don't suppose this video is short enough?

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Thats proper sweet man but i was after some tricks and stuff i can allready fishtail my devilstick i just wanna see what really advanced stuff is out there to try and incoperate into devilstick.

And of course fishtails are a lot of work for a little pay back those tricks are the most rewarding because your working your ass off and everyone watching is like, 'i could do that' and i'm there thinking, 'ha ha, fooled you all'

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I just saw yesterday "Forearm fishtales" in reel, they areawsome.

You can find small boy diong them on Osaka video(he has hand like in triangel position, but he manipulate it on forearm, and he did 360 too ). Its not classic fishtale done on wrist(carpus) rather between elbow and wrist and it not lower fishtale but upper fishtale.

ps: I will post the moment in Osak soon. Osaka [1:50 - 53] [1:55 - 59]

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