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Posted:OK Norwich people, and those near us, we're starting a fire night as of this Wednesday 7th september. It's going to be at Wensum park and we're hoping to make it a regular thing, most probably every fortnight.

I'll be there juggling from about 7, but we'll start fire spinning/staffing/juggling when it gets dark. We'll have some paraffin, but it would be great if people could bring along their own fuel, as we're poor. cool

If you'd like to know more, want directions, or have any free money to give away send me an e-mail at

I think that's everything.......oh yeah, tell lots of people!!

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Norwich Circus

Norwich Circus

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Posted:meets are starting again March 3rd, 6pm @ Chapelfield Gardens- it's been too cold for most people.

Hope you can make it:-)


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