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The Misguided Oracle
The Misguided Oracle

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Posted:Hi everyone,

I've been twirling for a few months now (thanks to the cool people at Divine Imagination for getting me started), but i sometimes have problems with bringing my staff on public transport (apparently the offical rules are that there's nothing against firetoys, but the transport operator can refuse based on their own judgement).

Anyway, in the end, I've decided to make a case for it that i could arguably pass off as a drafting tube or something. Plan is to use a PVC pipe + appropriate fittings for the case and maybe a bit of foam for padding the ends so the staff dosen't bounce around too much.

My question is will the usual fire twirling fuels (kero, firewater, etc.) "eat" at the pvc? and what kind of foamy/spongy/cushiony material can i use for padding the ends. I haven't been able to get anything useful of out google and i can't seem to find anything on the forms here about it.

Thanks in advance!
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Posted:This link here is the closest thing i found.

Other than that, no clue, sorry frown Never thought of trying to use foam against fuels like this. You could try stuffing a small towel at the ends instead? That's probably more reliable.

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Posted:Clever idea - disguise that baby! smile

yeah, I see wrapping a towel around the ends - maybe covering the end with plastic baggies?

I know that gasoline (DO NOT USE GASOLINE FOR FIRE-TWIRLING) will eat through styrofoam because styrofoam is a biproduct of the oil refining process - they have a lot of molecules in common that just "eat" away at the styro....But, as for other non-crude-oil fuels, I don't know, either...get some pvc and find it.

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Kombi guy
Kombi guy

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Posted:I had a discussion with some fire twirlers awhile back who had been using standard plastic poster style tubing with capped ends for carrying their staves and short staves etc etc around for over 5 years and never had a problem. A buddy of mine has also been using them for short staves on his back pack when travelling also. The only thing I would be wary of is placing padding in them as any excess fuel may soak into the padding making for a rather stinky carry tube. Keep it tight fitting,allowing your gear to cool down ofcourse before placing in the tube and you should be fine..
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The Misguided Oracle
The Misguided Oracle

the floor is a sea of tigers...
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Member Since: 31st Aug 2005
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Posted:Thanks for the info everyone!

Yeah, I'm also somewhat concerned about the fuel/fumes being trapped in the case. Thinking of drilling holes near the ends to vent it, that might work, but for some reason i'm disturbed at the fact that it would no longer be water proof... not that it has to be waterproof anyway...

i might just use a bent/curved strip of flexi plastic that acts more like a weak spring of sorts (it also gives me an excuse to finish that tub of ice cream so that i can harvest the tub for said flexi plastic strips).

anyway, I've started initial construction of the case. it should be cool (also found denim at $5/m so it'll be on the case as soon as i can figure out how to permernantly bond denim to pvc). hopefully i'll have piccies soon *fingers crossed*

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Ive made elastic baggies for my staffs and then ripstock staff bags, but I dont have to travel on public transport. I like the baggies (which look like Enjo gloves) as they keep the soot off everything as well.

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:another idea would be to use an artists tube,so its completely hidden,available in all sorts of sizes from most good art stores....also places like staples sell similar things as well.
also they often come with a handle-easy to carry!


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Posted:or couldn't you just use a carry bag? There are sites around that sell bags especially for staffs... Surely the public transporters wouldn't mind so much if they were in a bag...

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Posted:In london, I have no worries at all carrying a staff in all its naked glory on the bus...

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