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Posted:Did a search and it didn't turn up anything.

So, I'm trying to learn watermills and failing as I don't really know what i'm actually doing other than a windmill in front of me that goes through my arms in a wierd way. I want to learn it as hopefully it will then help with buzzsaw flowers.

So can anyone give me a breakdown on what the poi are actually doing?

Thanks biggrin

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Posted:it shouldnt go through your arms..
point your hands down and do a windmill/ corkscrew..

some people might tell you it -has- to go btl, but there's no difference between btl and doing it between the outer and inner planes.. kinda like doing a windmill that goes from the outer plane to between the arms and face rather than behind the head..

I'm not sure why you think a watermill will help with buzzsaw flowers.. there's nothing buzzsaw about it.. nor does it help with the crossovers in a buzzsaw flower.. those are just turning buzzsaw crossovers.. like high and low turns with a buzzsaw..

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