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Posted:Just laying back enjoying some music when this idea came to me. Would it be possible to combine fire breathing into a fire poi set? Or am I just been a n00b with a crazy idea?

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Posted:Its possible but it raises the danger a few more levels. The two main ways to do it is either during a forward buzzsaw or at the top intersection of a butterfly. Be very cafeful though because doing it with poi means you wont be able to wipe the dribble afterwards. Plus, if you still consider yourself a 'n00b' you might wanna wait a bit longer before trying it out.

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Posted:well - would have been wonderful if youd done a search first. Youd have seen how quite a few people have come up with the same idea, and quite a few more have advised against it. Fire breathing is very dangerous anyhow, without adding fire twirling into the mix.

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Posted:ye... fire breathing is dangerous enough as it is... and if you consider yourself a n00b to either poi or fire breathing (or both) then you shouldnt try it no matter what... it might look good and all but think of what you'll do after the breath...




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Posted:today I was in a park in Dublin (St Stephan's Green to anyone who is privy (^_^) !) and I lit up and started spinning my staff. so a guy was watching and came running over asking to breath fire using some of my fuel.

So I gave him some if he agreed to teach me...

everything went sweet. I had been floating around the forums and I think it was a guy called Pele had that guide as part of his signature so I got really interested and then read up most of the related threads (can't have enough safety! =P )

I was very careful and had 2 people with wet towels beside me when i tried it first and there was water too in a bucket .

ohh I am aware of the fact that you can't put water onto a burn that's over a first degree burn, alot of fighting over that one on several threads.

but anyway, I put fuel on my wicks and a little bit in my mouth (I was still able to smile with the fuel in my mouth, but it tastes vile man, seriously!)

but I started up my routine and then I just did a roll onto the ground with the staff towards the croud while spinning, then rolled onto my back , sat up and sprayed the fuel that was in my mouth (they hadn't seen me put it in my mouth) and loads of them were very surpised! it was great, and my safety and the crowd watching were clapping really loud, it was sweet.

but the only reason I was able to do it properly without hurting myself was because I didn't just run out and try it without studying it up, and someone very experienced taught me how to do it safely, and with people with wet towels and water etc. if i fecked it up at all.

if you intend on trying this be very careful dude, read up, get someone thats very familiar with the subject to show you how and supervise.

other than that have a great time with it, but ffs be careful, it's not something to do without a clear head and a few people to watch over you!

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Posted:Point of order: you can put water on second degree burns, and indeed that's quite a good idea. It's third degree burns you want to wach out for.

Everybody read the dangers fire breathing article, or you're just not cool.


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Posted:D.T My words to you are pretty much what we say to anyone who F.b's around our scene here (which is a big, thriving scene)

Excellent, well done, you've shown yourself you can do it, and get away with it once. I can imagine it was a real buzz and a great thing to remember.

Just please don't bother doing something so dangerous again, particularly in public where other people might be encouraged to emulate. Wet towels will not help damaged lungs. Nothing much will at all, including hospitalisation.

and sadly the people who play in the park and cheer are not the people who will look after you for the decades you may be incapacitated through the damage you sustain from something that is not particularly clever, but is particularly wrong for the human body.

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i would think that would look really amazing.
when you said with Poi first i was thinking spinning ! now THAT would be very dangerous.
.. but then again what isnt ?
i think spitting and using Poi at the same time has to be saved until you think you can really do it and have practised both fire techniques.
cause if you cant do them well one at a time then you definatly wouldnt be able to do them the same time without putting yourself and other around you in danger.
Gotta always remember the safety issue.

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Fire Breathing and poi / staff / club / fire finger combo's are among the set pieces that I incorporate into certain comercial fire shows that I put on. Besides all of the health issues related to the oral fire arts, there are particular difficulties with fuel retention / loading and potentially more serious, is that of prevailing / changable wind direction, very difficult to track with what are effectively moving torches.



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Posted:I have to echo what others have said... Including any sort of fire breathing into a twirling routine multiplies the dangers... Arguably it is impressive. But when performing outdoors, your ability to gauge wind speed and direction while already concentrating on twirling is compromised. In addition, retaining the fuel in your mouth for an extended period of time is dangerous, especially if youre moving arounda lot (especially, DT, rolling on the ground!)

There is more to Fire Breathing than reading it and having someone explain it to you. Incorporating it into an act is even more complex. Please, please please do not read about it and get one lesson and go ahead and use live fuel!!! This is ridiculously unsafe. You should engage in extensive practice with water first, and then with furl but without flame, before you begin. And remember, it isnt always the fire that is the worst damage... Pele's incident that left her so badly hurt involved inhaling a minute amount of aspirated fuel that had not ignited... so even using the fuel without fire is incredibly dangerous, so MAKE SURE to have full control of the situation, and all the external factors, such as wind, weather, etc, before fooling around with it... Because it is NOT an art to fool around with.

And if you meet someone in the park who is willing to teach you to firebreathe for an excahnge of a little fuel, and presents the facade that an afternoon of practice will make you ready... this is NOT someone who you should trust. Anyone who does professional fire breathing would NEVER (in my opinion) be nearly as rash nor as arrogant to try and pretend that you can safely breathe fire after an afternoon of practice and a little bit of light reading.

I love fire breathing, it has become a great part of my act, but I have spent a very long time making sure to learn and do things correctly. And I dont combine fire breathing witha poi routine, ESPECIALLY not in outdoor shows, because it just isnt worth it...

So good luck in all that you do but please make smart decisions, and dont do things quickly or excited just because they are "cool." If you act too rashly now for the sake of impressing others, you could suffer for a long time. Hell, if you work hard and become an expert, something can still go wrong and you can suffer for a long time. So, for the sake of everyone who is a part of the Fire Spinning community and family, make sure you are READY before you attempt anything dangerous, because none of us want to see anyone get hurt...


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Posted:Written by: sparkey!

Point of order: you can put water on second degree burns, and indeed that's quite a good idea. It's third degree burns you want to wach out for.

Actually, you shouldn't put water on any burn that has broken the skin.

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