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Posted:OK, so i love to spin and so does every one here,
but do you ever get times where your lose all your inspiration for your art?
the incling, or abiblity to create anything new seams to vanish compleatly.

I have had this a bit recently with my sticks,
and the only way, (thank you ben for posting at about the right time)
was to start playing with out being able to see what i do, and from there do something that i havent done before, no doing tricks or moves or pattens that i know, just fiddiling around with it all.

Any one else had the same experiance,
lack of drive, even if only for a while?

Drawings by chalk minds, strech between the stars

Kyle Mclean-
Contact without dance is like sex without wiggling.
A) it does feel as good
B) it does not look as good on film

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