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Location: Sheffield

Hi All

I have been looking into buying my first fire staff. Ive found a Firefli Telescopic Staff 35" (90cm) to 57" (145cm) which Sounded almost perfect considering I havn't worked out whether I prefer Long or short spinning yet.

If anyone has any experience with telescopic staffs or with the Firefli brand it would be great to hear your thoughts\opinions.

Anywhos, much love


ilovethefireSILVER Member
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Location: Oxford, United Kingdom

hey how we doing.? all good i hope

I havent had any good experince with telescopic staffs, but have looked at quite a few and played with a few. Generally if u dont have to have telescopic then dont, they aren't half as strong as the solid core or tube staff. however this is just what i have seen

If u want me to make u a staff to your full requirements. then plese PM and i will get straight to it.

THe good things with my staffs are that u choose everything, the size, colour, size of wicks, number or wicks, position of wicks

PM me for more details and prices

May we4ever spin4ever

May we4ever spin4ever

robnunchucksrobnunchucksBRONZE Member
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Location: manchester uk

ok just talked to my friend whos got one he said hes there good the only complaint is they often bend very slightly if you drop them while your spining them then you have to bend them back into shape not masivive bends mind you but enough to need flexing back into shape other than that hes had no problems with them

My nunchucks vital statictics biggrin

weight: 500g
handle lenght: 16 inches
chain length: 2 inches

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