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Is there anyplace online I might be able to go to purchase fire fingers, or does one have to make them?

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not sure where you are so don't know if they'll ship to you

I think there are a few others but i can't think of them off the top of my head. Have you tried doing a search?

This person just seems to have the wire wrapped round her fingers

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To be honest your probably better off making them yourself, the wire wrap design as used on Kalima's site see above posted link works well enough, it's the design i use for all my fingers (fire), takes a while to adjust for individual finger sizes though,


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Or you can get some tightish fireproof gloves (I may have mentioned this elsewhere on HoP, not sure) that won't soak fuel in and attatch the rods with wicking on the ends to the part of the fingers and thumb between the first knuckle and the second.

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