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TiituSILVER Member
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Hello! I am scared of fire!! eek I am scared to lose my long hair or my long flashes. I wouldn't like to risk. But I love poi. I have been doing poi for last 4 years and I would say I'm pretty good. I have been doing with fire few times during last months. Sometimes I have been so nervous that I have started to make mistakes that make me even more nervous. I like led light poi a lot, but it never looks as good as fire and they are always too heavy or too light.

I just would like to find the safest way to do fire poi. I don't care if the clothes are stupid if they are safe. I read an article of safe materials and I am confused. Natural material burn fast, but are better to use than slowly burning materials? I didn't really get... I'd like to know in practise which kind of clothes are the safest? Jeans, college made of 100% cotton? And somewhere they say it is good to make clothes a bit wet but in the other place that never use water with fire poi... confused At the moment I cover my hair with Nomex cap and a hood of my college...looks silly, but makes me feel a bit safer.

Fire makes me upset and excited at the same time. I know it is good to be respectful with fire, but it is not good to be so scared as me... redface I know there aren't 100% safe way to do with fire, but I'd like to feel as safe as possible.

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There is a very helful article about this

although this might be the article you have already read. biggrin

try downloading Malcolm and Peles safety video. It has lots of great info in it

Generally jeans are good, a cotton jumper and a hat to protect your hair. Nothing fluffy or baggy!
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pricklyleafSILVER Member
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When they say don't use water on fire poi, it just means that you shouldn't put water on the actual wicks of the fire poi as this can make it difficult for them to take in fuel. It is therefore fine to wear damp clothes (if you wanted to). But wetting your clothes isn't really necessary. Just make sure you tie your hair and keep it covered if at all possible. Make sure you use a fuel that burns at a low temperature such as parraffin or lamp oil, NOT lighter fluid or white gas. When using a fuel that has a low temperature, you can hit yourself without setting fire to anything or burning your skin. (although try to avoid hitting yourself in the first place).

And welcome to home of poi!

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~Leah~GOLD Member
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I say go naked! cool

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PeleBRONZE Member
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Written by: pricklyleaf

It is therefore fine to wear damp clothes (if you wanted to). But wetting your clothes isn't really necessary.

This is not true at all. If something goes wrong and you end up on fire or if you tangle and end up with the fire close to your clothing, your clothing will not burn but the fire will evaporate the water and cause steam burns, which are FAR worse than burns from contact with the fire. I have seen it. It is *not* pretty.
Please DON'T wet your clothes.

However, wet your hair. Just get a spray bottle and spritz it and tie it back.

And most importantly, please use the search function at the top of page. Type in Fabrics of Clothing and you should get a tonne of threads. If you have any questions after that, feel free to post in one of those threads and it will bump it right up.

Thank you Star for posting up those links.

And lastly, the easiest way to stay safe is to not do fire. If you are *that* afraid of it, don't light up. No one says you have to do fire and there are gads of beautiful alternatives to spin. In fact, if you are afraid, it is much better that you do not do fire until you are more comfortable with it.

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ma'tinaBRONZE Member
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first of all, get comfi with the moves you play, when you feel safe playing them you can start thinking of doing them with fire....

when you play with fire, tie your hair back properly, take a bandana as well if needed, .....for your clothes I would suggest either jeans - without stretch or not more than 5% - or clothes out of 100% cotton!!!

never take synthetic material when you don't feel secure with fire

.....and don't forget to look up all the other threads about this subject....!

have fun!!!


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mtbeerGOLD Member
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The fleece here is pretty sweet, I have one on the way. It's a Nomex\Kevlar blend designed for fire fighters. I need to do some white gas safety tests with it first to see how it handles transfers etc. but I'm guessing it will do the trick. Other than that I generally use leather clothing when spinning.

They also have Nomex\Kevlar skullcap\beanies for those of you who like your hair.

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mykrmeburning from inside
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hey... smile
usually, I wear my BDU, inheritted from my bro...
it's really good...

that's YOUR opinion...

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