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straberry fair, for those who don't know is a free 1 day festival in cambrige. it's a yearly event and has been going for over thirty years, this year was my firrst ever time there and what a great time i had!!!! biggrin

i was spoilt for choice with all the stalls selling poi equipment, and all the people i span it up with. truely an amazing day, with people from all over the uk in attendace. i learnt some new skills and taught lots of people some. and having a crowd of people ranging from childeren to adults (even the odd chav) giving compliments and asking to lear was truely a great warm fuzzy feeling (just like a hug hug)

there how ever was a seriouse lack of a dance tent..... but 1 very kind stall holder who had seen me sesh out kindly let me hijack their sound system to put on some hard HARD tunes. which drew a big crowd and well..... you can imagine the fun we had (total tease ubbloco)

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I would sugest doing a search since a thread has already been started about strawberry fair here

[Old link]

glad you had a good time though biggrin wish i had gone frown

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