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Colin Jsmall member
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I've had some of these for a while now.

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I could'nt find a thread about this type of prop so I made one. I'm new here so excuse me if I being a 'tard.

Spinning with juggling rings, hmmm well they're quirky as hell. Loads of finger and thumb spins, and isolations in everything. And lots of stuff thats ring specific. As well as convertable tricks from poi and clubs. And look cool when spun.

Its all about the planes though. Rings are a pain when it comes to that, for me atleast. It looks pants when it doesn't flow and has wobbly planes, you'd know what mean if you try them.
The way I do the weave for example has this nice thumb roll in it. If I didn't put the thumb roll/spin where it is then I'm not sure the trick would work. Might be few variations on grips and rolls though, I dunno. I find these quite a challenge(hard as &$%), I luv it. Did I say they look cool? cool

Can anyone do that ring flourish with 2 rings on the finger, as you spin them they separate and spin async to each other. I think I need help on this one ?
Does anyone know what I mean?

As for setting them or fire, not really gonna work I'm afraid. Unless you are one sick spinner.

Anyone had a go? Want a go? Or are a juggling ring spinning god/ess and would care to enlighten me with some words of spinning wisdom?

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I know that spinning them ends up really painful if you hit yourself, even a little.

but I agree.. spinning juggling rings is one of the best ways to clean up your planes. biggrin
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DurbsBRONZE Member
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I cheat and have attached my rings to a shoelace and handle smile

Look very cool, but my god they hurt when you hit your shin...

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FacelessjokerBRONZE Member
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WOW WEE!!!! bounce
Ive had ring sitting in my bedroom gathering dust for aaages! Now i know what to do with them!! (I gave up trying to juggle them) Yaaay.
THankyouuuuu! hug clap

PeleBRONZE Member
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Use the same technique as spinning the childrens hoola hoops, if you want a ring with a bit larger size. wink

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what?! we have these in our shop, 2 for 3, i thought they were for juggling?! how do you spin them? on your fingers? im confuzzled!


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hexagonicClubbles Jugs
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try holding 2 on thumb and skidding them past each other, using your middle and forefinger (the one next to pinky). they should breeze past each other for a nice pattern.

Also try the flourish - exactly the same as you would do with a pen - flicking it round thumb. same with a ring. Hold it facing upwards, use ring finger to flick it round thumb.


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"how do you spin them?"

Try tying string to them.


_Aime_SILVER Member
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You were doing this on sunday, it looked pretty smile

Colin Jsmall member
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The wind was ruining it for me. Something was happening though. It was all new and experimental to me, never seen anyone else do what I do with them. But it seemed so obvious to do.

"how do I spin them"

Well I just grab em and start trying to make spinning patterns. And slowish with purpose. Maybe thats just me and because I need to spend more time with them. I can't get aggressive with it, not sure if I even would like to be able to anyway.

I'd imagine fat rings are the way to go. Thats what I use. Thin rings might not be much use.

Its tricky stuff, perticualy since you have no visual aid to go by. Lots of problem solving.

idamSILVER Member
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the easiest way to spin them is holding your first finger at 90degrees to the rest of your hand put the 2 rings on and spin them toward you and they will start to seperate by themselves once they seperate you would think that you have to do double time to keep them going but if you actually stop moving they will stay spinning for longer the hard part is finding the right point to speed them up again and following this crap explanation i wont bother, try finger taps. holding two rings on first finger again then hold both to one side and drop one at a time so they swing of time and then use your thumb to keep them going, this is also possible with three or four rings if you can make your fingers move fast enough, looks good when done in both hands at the same time. njoy angel2

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