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Creative Napier Winter Solstice Fire Festival Saturday June 18

This midwinter celebration on Saturday June 18 is a free, fun event for the whole community with a multicultural programme featuring fire artists and climaxing with a beach fire sculpture and spectacular fireworks display.

Dynamic Queenstown fire theatre troupe Flame will be running workshops in Napier for the week prior to the 18th and performing on the night. They are known for their fiery creativity that they use to make each show unique and unforgettable. Combining the emotion of theatre, discipline of dance and raw power of fire in their productions to create a unique visual experience.

This year's fire sculpture will be our most ambitious and spectacular yet. The sculpture involves nothing less than pulling the sun out of the beach. Using simply the muscle power of shirtless hunks and Kiwi ingenuity, an enormous flaming globe will rise from a pit in the beach to a height of 10 metres. This awe-inspiring climax of the festival is at the heart of the Winter Solstice celebration - welcoming the sun back to our hemisphere.

The fundamental human need for and love of warmth, fire and the sun is the foundation of the festival. Because our Solstice is a multicultural festival it manages to both celebrate our differences and embrace what we have in common, said Creative Napiers Neill Gordon. It is an annual reminder of how diversity enriches the community and what we all share.

Historically, Solstice celebrates the day the winter days stop getting shorter and begin getting longer as the sun returns to our hemisphere.

Celebrating this day is an ancient tradition all over the planet.

Our Solstice also celebrates the warmth of Napier a town where you can stage a beachfront festival in midwinter and get away with it.


Enquiries: Megan Rees

Phone: 06 834 3934

Fax: 06 834 0299

Creative Napier PO Box 1083, Napier, New Zealand

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looks very tempting

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frown i have nasty exams on both the 17th and 18th

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racking brain to remember where Napier is

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Napier is in the north island round about the middle. smile

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Ah I have friends that live there actually

Actually that's not this's the next one... I might go to that! smile

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