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Galway juggling convention just a couple of weekends away so write it on your calenders, foreheads and dogs! ubbrollsmile Always a deadly convention so all ye not so irish people check out some cheap ryanair tickets and get yer [censored] over here.
Check out more info at:
Looking forward to a delightful weekend and a bit of a warmup to when UK spinners (and hopefully the rest of the world) come for a weekend of spinnytwirlyjuggly gooness at Tara grouphug ( [Old link]

Hope to see ye all there!
Ronan bounce2 bounce bounce2

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Cheers for the photos, miss _of_poi.

If anyone has any of the blindfold-contact-staff-gladiators, I'd love to see that smile

Cheers to everyone who organdised it, and everyone who did amusing, impressive and silly things...

I'm sure I'll be back to ireland now that I've figured out where it is and I know what a good bunch there is over there...

biggrin biggrin biggrin

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More photos to come soon wink

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fantastic pics milka, thanks a million!

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