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Location: Sheffield


Another belter lined up for the 1st of our 3 planned Bank Holiday Bashes for 2005!!!

No excuses coz you should all have the Monday off... after our last successful event we're back, this time with a fatmoon in a little room!

Again we have MEN@WORK Sound System providing the noize after their banging night in the Canal Club with Andy Farley... HOW CAN U MISS IT!!!

All this and still only 5 for Noggins Members and NUS with your card, if ya not got one make sure you fill out the form but it's only 6 on the door!!!

DYNAMIC INTERVENTION (Dip/E-Traxx/Akid Traxx)Si Mclean (Species/Jackhammer)
Fil Bray (Noggins/Men@Work)
John Tuxman (Noggins)
Big Nick (Teknobug)

2nd Room - Fatmoon
Chris Smith, DJSV and guests

29th February - 10pm til 5am... (after party at secret location)
@Stars Nightclub, Queens Road
park at ice rink nr. B&Q

Check our website for details and more directions...

don't miss out!

fluffy napalm fairyCarpal \'Tunnel
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men@work - sweet stuff - unfortunately there's just too much going on that weekend ubbloco

have a bounce for me biggrin biggrin

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CantusSILVER Member
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Hardly seems fair. The one weekend I'm at the other end of the country, Dynamic Intervention play sheffield.

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Location: Sheffield

well then cantus it seems that you will just have to come to the next on with Alex Calver playing amonst will be good to see you agian!

looking forward to tonight... better go dig out my dancing foot containers!

ps only just got your pm from november, i'm not being an ignorant git, just not logged on for ages...

fluffy napalm fairyCarpal \'Tunnel
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Location: Brum / Dorset / Fairy Land

where you off to fraggle? londoninium? oooooooo are you going to synergy? bounce or Infected? bounce Clapham too you lucky beastie..............


Geologists do it in the dirt................ spank

Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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the last time i had a dynamic intervention, they locked the doors on me and i couldn't get at my rubber gloves for a whole evening
the horror, the horror
:rocks back and froth:

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