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Being a relative new commer to the scene, it is not something that I would feel comfortable doing, but I know there are groups and individuals out there that may like the exposure. looks like they are looking for all sorts so.....

Blurb from the intranet here:

"In the wake of the overwhelming success of West End at War last summer, WCC is again committed to delivering another fabulous high-profile event to the heart of the Capital. West End Live will showcase the depth and diversity of entertainment and leisure opportunities that are available within Westminster in a family focussed, live and interactive environment.

The event, in Leicester Square, will take place on the weekend of June 25th/26th, and will feature performances from several professional artistes and ensembles - big shows, up-and-coming bands, choirs and orchestras, jazz and blues and a host of top acts will be among the attractions. We are also looking to showcase some of the best and most entertaining amateur groups that perform at grassroots level within Westminster. These can be community or school based but must be of a calibre that can share a stage with the best.

Programming is going well so far but we are asking WCC staff to put us in touch with their favourite potential performers just in case you know something that we dont. We can guarantee them a magnificent performance experience with great exposure and a lot of fun too!"

not sure if any of you might be interested but if so contact:

Have fun

*are those my feet?!*

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