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Posted:Ever since i can remember i had a love of my Uncle's pin he wore, it was so nice.

Well i used to play with it so much, he eventually gave it to me.

I have been thinking about it a lot recently, and have tried to identify where the symbol comes from... if it comes from anywhere.
Or at least track down where he got it and such.

Well here is a rough sketch of it, done badly by me in paint because i don't have a camera or anything... (it is in silver/silver coloured metal by the way...)

Non-Https Image Link

And on the back it has a wierd little marking saying

Non-Https Image Link

If anyone can give me any info on it, i'd be ever so grateful

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Posted:without actually seeing it or a more detailed pic i'd guess at the f 10k being a hallmark of somekind. any ideas how old old is?


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Posted:yeh, the f 10k is probably the hallmark or makers mark, your best bet is to research that, I don't know try typing hallmark identification or something similar into a search engine. There are many books on the topic. The design reminds me of two hockey sticks and a ball/puck in the middle. Alternativley its quite likley its just an abstract design. good luck!

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Posted:10k means it is 10 karats the LL would prolly be the makers mark

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Posted:which is confusing if it's silver, cos silver isn't done in carats, unless he's given her white gold or platignum.

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Mistress of Pink...Multicoloured
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Posted:Yeah when i was looking for hallmarks online, it kept on saying the 10k was karats...

But i'm quite sure the metal isn't white gold or platinum.

And my drawing is a bit um... flat... Imagine it a bit more rounded then it's like the design.

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Posted:have a trawl through this site:

then if you find nothing, take a picture and post it on a silver jewellery forum. Alternatively you could find a shop that sells lots of silver items and ask if they know who its made by, under the pretense that you're interested in buyign more


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Posted:the two outside symbol type things are very close to the hebrew letter 'vav' and the dot in the middle could be one of a few hebrew vowels

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Posted:if the 10k actually means 10 carats its going to probably be some alloy of white gold. 10k white gold is actually kind of an oddball from what I've seen, although I'm not much of a gold person.. If it 'looks' silvery but you're not sure you can always check out this site with a little cheatsheet to help guess

Different k of white gold are different alloys 9 carat for example is usually 3 parts gold to 5 parts silver.

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Posted:wait, I thought they weren't making electrum anymore? isn't electrum the alloy of gold and silver?

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