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Posted:Has anyone here ever played steel drums? I'm curious of the difficulty. I've always loved them.

I don't think they'd be easy to find here in Australia...or that they'd be cheap...but yeah, just wondering


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Posted:Yep, they're not cheap. You're looking at around a $1000 AUS for a good one. Although, you can buy ones off of ebay for far less than that.(Unsure of the quality, though). There are players and teachers here in Oz, too! wink Don't have access to my contact list until my comp gets here later this month from Canada, though. So I can't help you till then to find someone.

Take a look on google, you're sure to find something. Or try here http://www.hotpans.se/pan/
to get a start on useful info! smile





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Posted:HAR HAR...Beer kegs are just as good! Or better

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Posted:I used to play in a steel band ! ubbrollsmile, its not too fun playing one on its own (but its upto you).

I used to play melody,the little ones that play the tune. And some times used to play the ones that play chords, and come in twos. Then you have a different type of double pans, that are in between the two.

Then you have your great big full size drums that you have about four or five of.

Its pretty easy to pick up really, it depends on the speed your playing and how many notes or chords you have to remember. The good thing is, you can never be out of tune, you can hit the wrong note but that will be an accurate note.
You could play the simplest song, and it will sound good when all the band is playing.

The only tricky thing is getting beats ! If you have rhythm you'll do fine.

Um sorry if you know all this redface

Twas a great hobby, and the only reason I stopped was that i left the school that had a full band and people to play with.

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Posted:Steel bands rock!

I saw a high school steel band and they were ace





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Posted:where do you find a steel band to join?? we have tried in the past, oh we have tried... but i guess cornwall wasn't a steel band hotspot.... any that you do see seem to be school ones...

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Posted:I've never played, but there is a really good steel drum band at my school, too. (althogh not as good as the one at another school in town, who we were totally trying to copy off when we started ours!) I'd love to try playing sometime, but I unfortunately don't have a free class to do it in.

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Posted:Sesame street used to have steel drum bands.. ubblove

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