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Something that occured to me last night:

If you have someone, love them with all you can.
and everyday, love them a little bit more
until one day, you realise there just isnt enough time in the universe to show that person the entire measure of your feelings for them.

Thats true love.

Am i right? lol

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yes you are there could not be any more truer
Love, for that is what people really need.

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yes...... now all i need to do is figure out how to turn off true love, how to create world peace and solve world hunger,...... then everything will be perfect.

I think too much lately. I come on here, and read all these amazing posts. Bender posts about his journeys through his spiritual/mental life. Pele posts about her "rebirth" into life again... I read this stuff, and it touches me. This is good. But im at a point in my life where im undergoing some self evaluation. And as usual, i dont like everything i see. In the end, i think myself into a circle, and i get confuzzed, which is where i am now.

The love thing is one of the nicer thoughts that's come out lately. ` hopefully there will be some more stuff like that, then i can get lots of sleep and no more thinking ! `

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i know what your feelin man.
I don't think it meanz anything but i think at one time a couple dayz ago i thought i was trying to think my self into the corner of a circular room.
It really was anoyying.

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True love?

is when you feel like you're gonna pass out when you see them

is when you can't sleep at night because they won't leave your head

is when every minute of every day you're thinking about them

is when your skin tingles when they touch you

is why you feel like exploding on the spot when they kiss you

is when all you want to do is hold them and take away the hurt

is when you cry out of the blue because you're so happy

is why you want to be with them every day and night

is why even when you argue you would give your life to save them

is when you sit and talk for hours about nothing in particular

is true happiness

whats up with all the limitations?

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I'm not sure if I believe in the concept of true love.

I think that there is more then just ONE person with whom I could spend my life and be happy. So, how could one love be considered more true than the other?

I am very much a romantic, but at the same time I have been fooled in relationships (usually by my own wishes and hopes) when "..what I thought was an ocean of love was just a wee drop of rain." To quote Smokey Robinson.

Since love has made me miserable in the past, what I seek now is happiness.

For some that includes love, for others...other things.


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Quite beautiful, Flynt, but I guess the frustration of not being able to express that love is when you always try to put it in words. i feel in true love by just being there in silence with your loved one you are allready saying "I loev you" outloud

Kuro, I feel what you are saying applies more to falling in love, no ?

allthough I like to think that in "true love" you get the spicy, warm fyzzy feeling of the first hours of a relationship even years after you are together

I'd add true love is the love whom you can be yourself with completely, good and bad. true love's your love, soulmate, friend and partner in all little things and silliness of life. Loving also for me is caring more about the other's happiness allthough always in good balance where you don't lose yourself in passion...

true love is obvious and makes sense when you encounter it...

and for me true love is not about looking eachotehr in the eyes and being all passionate and fusional, it's more about holding hands and looking around at the world together

shine on

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I believe in true love

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I don't believe in true love. Only because I think it's redundant. Either it's love, or it's not. False love isn't really love at all, is it?

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Surely that is not really a true statement NYC.

I love many things, I love playing with fire, I love dancing, I love good food and I love meeting new people etc, etc.

However I can not say that any of these are true love - true love is something very special, when 2 peoples lives meld into one. When it seems like an eternity has passed when they are gone for a while and the most important thing is the other person is feeling the same way.

This is why I think it is so difficult to find true love but I hold hope for all people that search for it

Anyway thats just my opinion,

Take care and a little to all ,

Mark P

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A friend of mine once pointed out how bastardized the word love has become.
Do you really love that song or that food or that movie? Or is it simply something that you enjoy alot, that you really like, and love just is a handy word to use.

What was once revered as a unique and special emotion shared my living beings has been ripped down to a pop culture convenience.

I think that is the difference between real love and false love NYC, at least in my opinion.

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Love as a word is not over used as context applies extra meaning. However passion is often mistaken for love. That intense desire for someone, thinking about them all the time, yada, yada is passion. It exists in love as well, but passion is more common.

True love between 2 people is knowing someone's soul, knowing that the both of you give each other strength without having to provide support or need to each other. It's when you have no expectations or needs that the other fulfills. It's when you can have a conversation without the use of words. It's about being comfortable with your soul and their soul.

Could write loads, but that's a brief summary.

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I just wanted to say thanks publicly for this thread Flynt, and for everyone who has shared their ideas of true love. I've just celebrated my 12th anniversary with my partner, and you've summed up how we feel about each other now more than ever

True love does exist

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Congratulations Ade!

Despite my situation at the moment, i do still believe in true love.
I also believe in fake love, and wrong use of the word love. Its a very sad cynical world that we live in tho, that everytime we use a word as awesome as "love" we have to think, do i really feel that strongly?

Love is not just about True Love, or enjoying a movie or whatever. Personally, i dont think we use the word LOVE enough when it comes to others. I love my friends, and lately, i've been telling them that. Every single one of them has a place in my heart, in a special way. I've lost too many friends to early deaths, to know better than to just assume that a person knows how i feel about them, so now i tell them.

Everytime i say goodbye to a loved one on the fone, i tell them how much i have appreciated talking to them, and that i care about them and love them. Its made a big difference in my relationships with others, my friends and i are closer and more open. If they dont understand why i tell them how i feel, thats ok, just so they KNOW that i feel it `

so im all for the use of the word love, when it applies to the ppl that we care about. AGAPE! its what the world needs most right now `

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I found love.

You're wondering where I've been and the answer is I've found love. His name's Les. He doesn't spin fire, but he likes to watch planes take off and land, just like I do. And everything about our relationship, which is barely 6 months old, is stunning.

He's never been in a relationship longer than 3 weeks. I've never had a relationship be good (and not ever even near this good) for more than 3 months.

Every day, I love him more. I whisper it at night to him in my sleep, he says. And he loves me. We're safe together. We laugh a LOT. In six months, we've disagreed on many things, talked through our differences, and never once argued.

I've never felt like this. It's true what they say. When it happens, you know. There isn't a shadow of a doubt. It's not butterflies in my stomach, but rather a warm, fuzzy, calm and sense of security. It's amazing.

I never believed in true love, but I am a believer now. True love rules, folks.


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gratz...planes huh, you ever see "Pushing Tin"?


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Is a "man pr0n" film? umm

If so, I'd say its a sure bet that Lightning has seen it. wink

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Originally Posted By: FlyntSomething that occured to me last night:

If you have someone, love them with all you can.
and everyday, love them a little bit more
until one day, you realise there just isnt enough time in the universe to show that person the entire measure of your feelings for them.

Thats true love.

Am i right? lol

Usually, but in my case they usually get scared and run away...

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There is an inconceivable lack of princess bride quotes in this thread.

I am laying the blame squarely on you neon dave.

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wow, how odd to read something I posted 7 years ago (Seven!) and know that I still have that faith in true love.

But I think now I beleive in a more encompassing concept. Love doesn't 'own' anything, it feels safe within things. It doesn't hold back, but carefully and respectfully shares itself...

I have been i incredibly blessed by the friends and family I have in my life, that if I were to sit still to tell them I loved them and how, I would run out of time, because just by recounting that love, it perpetuates it...

smile I hope you are all lucky in the way that I have, with honest good people in your lives.

("As you wish")

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yay! Someone said it! ^^

mm, love is definately not about owning... more about sharing to say the least imo.

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<--- this is what I have to say to that for now.


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true love (to me) is the one candle that still shines on after 20years...

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Awww Love, How sweet it's fragrence is.
if anyone knew the Rush we feel they would say,
How can this remain just to these 2 loving people?
We can say; It is ours', the reaction is chemical, & infused with our Whole being. So Love on friend. May the grace of love NEVER leave you! ubblove hug ubblove

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