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Ok, I have recently had an offer to sell fire equipment etc in a friends

shop. The shop is not a juggling shop . I was wondering what obligation

everyone feels they have when selling to the public

Obviously we have an obligation to provide safe, reliable, decent equipment

but do we also have an obligation to warn of the dangers and not sell to

untrained, inexperianced people . As it is imposible to check everyone

you sell to, what can I do to warn, should I put a written warning with every piece

The reason I am bothered is that the shop is not a performing arts shop,

just bit and bobs. Because places like H.O.P are specialised retailers

it is safe to asume that as other info, like this board, is provided people

would know the dangers, otherwise they would not be brouseing through

such a specialist area. I know I may be making a big deal out of this but

what does everyone else think.

safe guys, safe



Does anyone else think that as we have more smilies to choose from

the limit should be greater than eight?

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be excellent to each other: safe:

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I think it is good that you have considered these things. I bought my first staff from a similar shop, yes, the shop assistants knew what they were about and could give good advice, but anyone really could have bought it.

It is tough, cos you can't control who the shop sells it to. And in a lot of ways, they have the responsibility. However even they cannot assess each person who comes in on their skill and sanity.

maybe you could include a little leaflet that talks about wick care, & safety etc. But that may take your costs up.

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