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Ok, I can do a lot of stuff with poi, but i cant seem to get the backwards 3 beat weave down, I do it forwards then spin to go backwards and i keep doing some weird thing, like go over my head or somthing, i can get 1 bit of it down but then im lost,, HELP PLEASE

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Hey, you should try posting it in the [Old link] Forum and try looking at this Online Lesson

My own advice would be to make sure firstly you know the theory of it that the leading arm goes UNDER the other arm, if that doesnt make sense, when you are doing a forwards 3bt weave you will notice one arm goes over when it crosses and the other does the same, well with the backwards weave same principal only the arms go under first then over rather than over then under, jsut do what i did and that was just try it again and again, and you'll just pick it up trust me smile

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Maybe try getting your hands to go the right spots using a staff first. Some people say "Just turn around".

Like Will says its under the arm...took me 7 months though.

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Ok thanks for the tips.. . Next time ill post it there.. thx...

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Sorry dude.

But what your talking is easy, you just arent spending enough time practising.

It took me two days to learn the reverse five beat weave (withought first learning the three beat)

It took three days to learn the behind the back three beat.

All you have to do is spend a good solid few hours practising each day and you should get it fairly quickly

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instead of starting with your poi going forward at your sides, start with them going backwards.
cross them over, alternate times, etc and see if you can do the same thing you did with normal 3beat weave, just with them going backwards.
I usually come across moves by mistake, so i guess if you just muck around for a while.. :P

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Hey there! weavesmiley

To learn to do it, first try it with one hand only

So start with your right hand, you spin one backwards circle on your right hand side and two on your left-the first one under your left hand the second one over and then back to the circle on your right.

Then try your left hand spinning 1 on your left, 2 on your right, under over.

Then try both, it may be helpful to start spinning your left poi first, as it comes up to pass behind your right poi set the right poi spinning too.

It feels unnatural at first but hope that helps!


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