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Location: westminster, colorado

Hey all! I live in the Denver area, and have been workin with poi flags for a couple of years. I am looking for people in the area to fire dance with.
I used to be associated with some people here that dance, but unfortunately have lost contact and the scene here is all but run outta town. I have tried to contact CO fire tribe, but to no avail, cannot reach anyone. Anyone here want to dance...or has this whole city turned into yuppie ville? Hope all is well wherever you are!


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Hey there,

I highly recommend checking the Meet Others section of this website. I just typed in Denver, and it came back with 9 people in your area!

Also, if you haven't done so already, tell us about yourself in our Introductions forum.


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The Colorado fire tribe website might not be to active. Check out there Yahoo Group under the same name. It is a pretty active group with lots of people. Let me know if this helps as I used to live in Boulder and know a few fire folks in the area.

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You can shoot me an email. I always like to spin with new people.

There is a little Poi on the platte gathering ever sunday in confluence park, right behing REI on 15th and platte (down by Paris on the Platte, and the denver skate park if that helps). They have live drums and it's right on the river making a very picturesque place to spin, plus it's all concrete so no worries about starting any brush fires.

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Location: westminster, colorado

Thanx guys!!!

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Location: westminster, colorado

Okay I'm a 'tard! So much for that enter button!
Thanx for the NFO...hoping to see some of you soon! And yes! I already went to introductions and posted about my boring exixtance.
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