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I will kill all mods
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Posted:pift igneato inflamare conspiriacikor plink manito?

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vaperloc...the mighty

vaperloc...the mighty

look @my member
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Posted:BWHAHAHAHHAHAA baby in the ... wooo thats funny I am sorry it is sick but funny.
Btw kinda funy this all started because my post was misinterpreted(speling?)as a black market baby joke when in fact it was a reference to an episode of the simpons where Homer tries to be an inventor.sorry for the misunderstanding.
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There are no obstacles only challenges.
Very funny scotty now beam down my pants.
[colour."green"}What would willie do?

AHH theres too many wee leprechauns i cannae squash them all


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Posted:I wasn't sure about posting this link, but I'm sure some of you will have a bit of a laugh - I didn't read much of the rest of the site, but it has a jokes page

But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.


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