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Posted:On the Teenage Kicks program called 'drugs r us' on channal 4 (Great Britan, btw ) there was a nice looking party and some firespinners. Lets call upon the power of HoP to identify thease miscreants.=)


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Posted:I got a spare copy
anybody want it ?

Wasn't that the party when ewan and carrey first got together? crickey cool.



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Posted:quote:btw do you know how famous and good you are ?*blushes*

I was horrible! you're just far too kind to me..

and I love you for it mr Orange! Thanks!

quote:once again somehow wearing all orange escapes the camera's eye ? how do it do dat?you were upstairs in Chris' room most of the night as I remember.. That was one of the 'no camera' areas. Though I'm surprised they didn't show Josie.. Perhaps they were trying not to show the fluoro thing too much.. Like they're trying to portray us as closer to normal.

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