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Posted:Greetings Twirlers! My question for you is, Does anyone have any tidbits they can offer regarding the effects on your health of different fuels? A friend of mine who uses largely kerosene has recently had stomach troubles which doctors have blamed on his twirling habit. He also frequently suffers skin irritations which we have no doubt are kero induced. I'm just wondering if anyone has heard of any more serious side effects of using kerosene (i'm not talking about burns here, i mean toxic health stuff). Can anyone recommend a fuel which is less toxic and doesn't pose such a health threat?Anyones experiences or thoughts are much appreciated.Twirl on!


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Posted:I have used Kero and lamp oil for blows and have had no "permananet issues" so far, and I blow with it. I know that if a bit is swallowed lamp oil doesn't make me anywhere ner as ill as kerosene does. My chin does suffer a bit of irritation but that is from the wiping motion and not the fuel.I will say I have heard horror stories but haven't seen or experienced any myself.No matter what fuels we use, they are toxic, even high proof alcohols. It's just one of those realizations of what we do. You need to weigh the pleasure versus the probability of illness in your own life.Hope this helps.------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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Posted:Does your friend Fire Breathe or is his tummy troubles from just dealing with kero so much while twirling?... Besides the jargon on the MSDS sheets of kero, does anyone have any real idea of the health effects of twirling say 3-4 nights a week (I know it would depend on heaps of variables such as duration, ventilation etc) but how does it compare with, say, smoking cigarettes... I don't really want to take to wearing a gas mask (it wouldn't really go with my new sparkle-costume! but then again it'd make a different kind of statement I guess...) but it'd be great to know what we are really doing to our bodies (are there any med students out there looking for a thesis topic or something?)Once i did look in to finding a less toxic fuel and one called Pegasol (+ a suffix of some letter/number code) had been developed with low toxicity in mind. It's a hydrocarbon like kerosene and was available from Reco-chem here in Brisbane - I remember it being fairly expensive, but particularly if you coming in closer contact with it (like fire breathing) it may be worth the money...[This message has been edited by bec (edited 09 March 2001).]

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Posted:a few friends of mine use normal parrafin to breath with, no troubles with that. In fact i've had no troubles with it at all.the worst thing that has happened to me is after prolonged contact with skin (from parrafin damp handles etc), is quite dry hands.-----------------------------

Location: Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Member Since: 8th Mar 2001
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Posted:hmm.. ive heard many a horror story about pegasol .. it comes in another 'form' too although while the substance is sold with another name to it, its exactly the same as pegasol. it burns hotter than kerosene i do know that.. and it lights up just a bit easier too.. IMHO, i wouldn't recommend it.

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Posted:Bec,From what we've been able to find out, Pegasol is just a different brand of Shellsol T. It is also available from Quantum Petroleum (in QLD, Aust) for roughly the same price at Shellsol T (~$3.70/L). I never use anything other than Shellsol T for fire breathing, but when it comes to normal twirling, I don't figure the smoke from kerosene can do that much more damage than walking down a city street in a haze of exhaust. Obviously it has to do more damage than not twirling at all, but that's the same with everything people do.On a side note, the reason we don't use Shellsol T on our staffs is a) the cost ... and b) being a solvent, it makes pretty quick work of destroying staff handles.raevon