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I recently saw a fire spinner who had two poi-like looking tools, yet the fire went all the way up the chain!?! Has anyone seen these tools for sale online anywhere? They are quite the intense fire tool and I want to try them out.


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These are sometimes called "snakes" or "whips" (not to be confused with firey bullwhips, of course). They're made of rope wicking, perhaps with a short section of chain to isolate the fire from your hands. I don't think the HoP store sells them, but I think they do have rope wicking stock, as do others, so they wouldn't be too hard to make. And I think there are other equipment vendors out there that do sell them readymade.

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I've never seen any ready made for sale - but *cough*I make and sell them*cough* wink

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some people might also call them 'wings' (thanks to Ian and his fiery wings of death... well mostly of dreadlock burning.)

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That sounds awesome. I saw the rope tools in the ebay link you sent me. I am so down to purchase a pair from you when you have them online and ready to sell. Please let me know.


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I have some pictures in my gallery of "snakes" being thrown around.

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ummm HoP sells them :P

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Yep, we sell them here at the HOP shop, many many different kinds out there nowdays....

The 1" wick holds a reasonable amount of fuel for a good burn time. Snake poi and the fire skipping ropes look great in photos with all there firey goodness in full swing

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I've got a pair. I just call them Fire Ropes probably tarring everything with the same brush, I know there are subtle differences. They're fun but keep them moving or your hands wont ever get the chance to grow any hair back.

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i just made some lovely new fire ropes.
instead of using really big thick rope i have used a plait of thinner rope.
works nicely, drinks parrafin though

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durbs...send the poet a pm bout those snakes...and prices...etc

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I have seen a few construction methods:

1. Fire-snakes: as far as I understand, the original version that got this name was the Bearclaw Manufacturing item. Consists of a rope with a knot at the end, IIRC.

2. Fire-ropes: as above with no knot, generally.

3. "Fire-braids:" braided or plaited rope.

Those are the definitions as we use them here. But, since we custom-make "fire-braids," we generally try to keep them separate from ropes and snakes as far as terminology goes.

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Any opinions on handling differences between snakes and ropes, i.e., preference for weight at the end or not?


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Bearclaw Mfg sells poi snakes as well:

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The snakes / ropes I make have chain running through the core partly to weight them, partly for structual robustness, and partly so I have a link on the tail end for attaching additional poi heads etc, in terms of handling, not that much difference, weighted tend to rotate faster etc, more momentum, less effort required to maintain spin, currently playing with multiple heads affixed to the rope body.


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I used to swing a 2m piece of rope with frayed ends and fig 8's in the end to stop the fraying from working its way all the way through the rope

it worked as a fire whip and as a meteor. fraying the ends and putting a stopper in allows you to throw very impressive fireballs.

as regards snakes, i'd be tempted just to buy a big bit of fire rope [or two] and put knots in the ends. I reckon the chain is redundant; kevlar's soft to hold, and doesn't get too hot. you've just got to be careful not to soak the entire thing in paraffin

i left my rope by the river cam last summer, and never saw it again . .

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