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Posted:For all of you who enjoyed the Crimson Room and similar flash games AND are well acquainted with Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide AND are prepared to cancel all upcoming social, work and study-commitments - and yae, even bid a temporary farewell to your juggling toys eek - spend the next few days of your life here
It's a deeply frustrating and highly enjoyable flash & text-based game... and I don't think you'll get very far if you aren't familiar with the HHG, but let me know if you have proven otherwise....

It's a good idea to read the "how to play" thingie first, it tells you all about saving, waiting, listning etc....



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Posted:apparently your NOT supposed to go into the sauna....

the engine room? get on the bridge - wait for marvin. he leaves - then 'follow marvin'. he takes you to a hallway you ignored before.
you can go down, port or aft. 'go aft'. several times. the computer will try to convince you not to.... many time.... be persistent....

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Posted:no you are definately not to go in the sauna, or let anyone else in there.... since this thread started i haven't actually played the game again... maybe that would be an idea biggrin

UCOF> yup, that's the most frustrating thing, when you have to type ALL of it over again...

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Posted:this sucks

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