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Ash Blackstar
Ash Blackstar

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Posted:Ok, so you all know about what Zeik (My recent ex) did to me. Well, I've pretty much gotten over that. biggrin

Now for the really really really good news. My best friend, Angel, and I, have decided to give it a shot. We both have some sort of feelings for each other in that way, so we are going to try it. He's going to be calling my dad tonight to ask his permission (Which we are not at all worried about him giving it), and then we are going to let my mom know. We are going to not tell the rest of our friends yet, but you guys are different, and I wanted to tell you all. I am so happy. ubblove

Anywho, I love you all, and thank you all so much for your support through all the crap that I've been going through.

ubblove and hug

Ash Blackstar

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Posted:Congrats and I hope it all works out for you hug smile


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Posted:Asking Mom's and Dad's permission? I haven't heard anyone doing that in ages.

Either way congrats and hope things work out like you want.

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Fire Bunny
Fire Bunny

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Posted:i think its kinda nice your doing it the old fashion way. its sweet. but yeah congrats!! all the best and have fun! smile biggrin

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and also... i wuv Rougie *snuz*


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Posted:Randomly: I got nosy about your age based ont he "asking my dad" bit.

We seem to share the same birthday. biggrin

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