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Posted:heya guys
i'm wanting to go backpacking in thailand start of next year and was wondering if theres any thing i should know about flying with poi, single sticks, double sticks and maybe fire fans. should i make all nice new ones? will airports give me any probs? i've never been on a plane, or backpacking. so excited smile

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Posted:Hi Zali!
i have no experience of my own to give you, however i noted this thread for when i go overseas next year.

I hope this helps smile

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Posted:Follow the white rabit.
Sticks are cheap here.
If you make before december find me.

Love from Bangkok
Me kiss

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Posted:hey zalia,
i recenlty came back from thailand and i can't imagine there will be any problem, in most touristy areas they were selling staffs and poi everywhere for all the tourists that see a few beach parties and go wow buy one then give up after half an hour, i dont know how good the quality of the stuff there is cos i didnt touch them, but i would leave yours at home:)

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Posted:new step sister went to thailand for 3 weeks, and loved it. she saw a fire show, and they were performing every night. also bought fire poi for 3 or something, so have fu-hun!

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Posted:Leave your good stuff at home, buy stuff there (but shop around for quality), use it while you're backpacking and give it to someone when you leave. You can't fly home with burned wicks anyway (well, not technically) so even if you took all your home stuff out there then you'd have to leave it behind frown

Airports are fun - as is thailand biggrin Have a wicked time (as I'm sure you will......) and take note of the guys at the end of khao Sarn Rd who spin every evening - they rock and are muchly helpful


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Posted:There have been Many many many many threads on traveling with poi.....please do a search on flying with poi, and you'll find loads of info.

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Posted:personally, i've flown with new and burnt wicks for my poi, never had a problem, as long as its not in hand luggage you should be fine. dont know about staff and stix and other toys though.

just dont bring fuel with you, big nono.

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Posted:ditto to what Spitfire says.

Here's a few of the threads to start you off...
Flying with fire toys
Flying with fire toys
Poi and planes
Taking poi on planes
Poi on planes

Hope that's enough info to get you started.
Searching for a topic before starting a thread on it is kinda common courtesy. A thread like this is so common, there's a stack of information already out there for you to see.
Happy travelling. smile

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Posted:Indeed the people at the end of Kho Sarn road Rock. Span with them for a few days and exchanged much!

Now in Krabi trying to find a nice beach to spin on.

Anyone and hints as to where abouts?

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Posted:Would that be Meaow and Pat then?

Go to Koh Chiang. I left there about 5 days ago and at the time FireNix and Jools were there. Also Scott from Nottingham who was well skilled. Cassandra'll be there by Christmas and they have easily the best dancers I've seen in Thailand in the Nature bar. Koh Chiang was my favourite place in Thailand in the many months I was there.

If you insist on staying down that side Koh Phi Phi has loads of fire shows every night. The one in the Hippies bar tends to be better and there's also one in the Tiger bar. I wasn't there during high season so there may be even more.

Koh Phanang has loads too blah blah...

The park on the far side of ratakosin village, next to the river in Bangkok, has jugglers most nights.

happy travels...


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try rai lay (spelling wrong).

fire shows in the gecko bar while we were there.

look for Ton Sai beach thee (you have to climb over a small mountain to get to it)

iits a sweeeetttt place. huts for a dolla

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Posted:Hey DSS, I was in Nature bar in April this year... those two who own the place are amazing... really nice.

I wasn't too keen on Koh Chang tho... mind you, I'd just left Cambodia... which was incredible. If you go into Cambodia, call down to Siahnoukville (southern beaches) and on Serendipity Beach ask for a guy called Titi. He's an incredible dancer... and he might even give free accomodation to firedancers biggrin

Have fun

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