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Posted:Hello all...
I've a ? for all you nice folks who live out in the San Francisco area.... I will be flying out to San Jose August 11 and staying with a friend in SF until the 15th (when I go on to Firedance in Santa Cruz then Burning Man!) and I was wondering if there are any local groups or individuals who might be meeting up during that time frame to spin.... I would love to meet some of you!

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Posted:HI... I used to live in Santa Cruz and will be up there on the 18th of august. Count me in for a spin... Hopefully we'll find some others there as well... are you (or anyone else out there) familiar with the estratosphere circus and their fire show? They are (or were) up in Santa Cruz and were the first people I saw dance with fire..... Anyway, hope to see you on Westcliff....

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Posted:there's a thread in the events section.

and really most of that area never seems to post here i've noticed.

but you guys have to tell me who to get in touch with !!

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Posted:I will be up for a spin as well.. meeting new fire people is always good. for anyone in SF now, there will be a spin on Ocean beach this friday, the 21st, for summer solstice. . if anyone needs more info check the events thread, email me, or join the fire_lovers yahoo! group. hope to see you all soon, and in August!

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Posted:anyone wana spin fire in san francisco? email me at marsvmystr_e@hotmail.com


Location: austin,tx
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Posted:well, if it's at all possible (and it is) then you can count me in

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Posted:thewre is also the mythic fire gathering (whirlygig) on sunday nights in SF..
www.mythic-fire.com for more info..

anyone from the north bay?
I'm from Santa Rosa and really would like some people to spin with!!!
-- jon

---Formerly known as RaverRomantic---

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Mtn. Girl
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Posted:If you guys need a contact person or a place to crash, please let me know. I live in the Santa Cruz mountains very close to where the Firedance workshop will be held. I'd really love to hook up with you and spin any day of the week, except Sundays.

Usually in Santa Cruz, a local group meets at the Lighthouse on West Cliff Dr. on Sunday nights. Nocturnal Sunshine is the only performance troupe in the Santa Cruz area, that I'm aware of....but, I'd love to find out if there are others.

On June 26 & 27th Flam Chen is coming to perform on a very secluded cove in San Francisco. Their web site looks fabulous, definitely going www.flam-chen.com

Hope this helps...let's plan a day to meet and spin.

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Posted:I'll have to come along to one or two of these meets - I'll be in SF the weeks before & after burning man (16th-22nd august, 2nd-5th september)


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Posted:does anyone poi in san francisco bay area? coz i poi and fire spin here in the philippines and i'll be going to SF in 2 weeks so i was wondering.. to all SF spinners.. lets all get together and learn tricks from each other yeah? send me a personal message if ever you're down with that. thanks

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