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hey everyone
im having a really strange time here.....
basically i have been coming to ibiza every summer since im 6. Now im here again and for some health reasons i cant drink or enjoy any other recreational drugs (dont wanna test how it goes down with my medicine) So im having a completely sober look on this clubbing madness here.
what i have seen so far:
-Italian girls are beautiful.......
-Italian guys are really bloody annoying. They show no respect to anybody. u could be talking to some girl and they would just jump in and start talking to her. even after she tells them that she doesnt speak italian they still try and hit on her in italian. theyare determined but at the same time really irritating.
-some people shouldnt be taking drugs: i was waiting for a cab after a banging tekno party and some pilled up biatch wanted to jump the line and get into my cab (mostly germans around that night so there was a civilised line with nobody pushing thru) after i told her to get the hell out of my taxi she jumped out and started hitting me. I (gently) pushed her out my way and drove off......
-germans are really civilised and nice. they dont get into fights, show respect to the people around them, offer to share cabs and so on. The only people that would start talking to people randomly are german so far.
-Brits are too trashed to know whats going on around them...
-the police doesnt give a damn about anything EXCEPT free parties. They get paid by the big clubs to bust the free parties in the hills and on the beaches. the thing is that the people going to free parties wouldnt go to the big clubs anyway cos they are so bloody expensive and r filled with snobs.
-people in the clubs dont know how to dance. i was happily jumping around at a tekno party and people looked at me as if i was a martian and they themselves just stand around. i reckon they are too obsessed with what other ppl think about them.
- and now to the subject of spinning--
WOW i have seen some really good people so far. I have met two ppl (nick and allie i think) who put on workshops in this really nice little place called LAS DALIAS every sunday. Actually i recomend that place to everybody it has a really friendly athmosphere with psytrance parties very wednesday and sunday. (g.m.s. played randomly the other week) And lots of spinning people.
thats it so far.
i thought i spend the siesta today on hop. hope that explains this thread.

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Written by: the badger with a troubled past and nothing left to lose /Konsti

-germans are really civilised and nice. they dont get into fights, show respect to the people around them, offer to share cabs and so on. The only people that would start talking to people randomly are german so far.

Sounds like I'm going to the right place then! Gald to see you're seeing things from a different light this trip smile Hope you enjoy it!

~ Bobo

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Nick and Ali!!!! Cool! say hello to them from Kate and Josh (Aussie spinners who were there last season doing the Tribe of Frog thing) smile

such a nice pair! smile

In fact everyone in that Las Dalias / Tribe of Frog crew are sooo nice. Love em to bits.

We didnt spend very long (about 3 hours out of a month) on the super-clubbing side of the island, was a load of crap IMHO.

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every year since you were six?? ive been going to....um.....um.....*scratches chin*....school! ive been going to school every year since i was FIVE!!!! tongue

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

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Nick and Ali indeed!!!! - Old skool Londoners, much loved and admired by the Just Jugglers gang. Say a little hello to them from Dom and Drew as well.

Being sober in messy places is interesting. I especially like the observations about the Italians - I've noticed the same thing spending most of my young summers out in Malta.

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