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Posted:i tried a search for this.. everyone seems to be very concerned about the risks associated with fuel and fire, but what about poi in general? anyone heard about any carpel tunnel [sp?] or repetitve motion type injuries prone to spinners and twirlers? i would imagine we would HAVE to at least be more prone to arthritis [sp?] in the shoulders and hands as we get older..
maybe the best way to find out would be to conduct a survey among the elders of a maori tribe?

am i just being too paranoid here?

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Posted:Well, I dont think it's total paranoia. Though nothing to be too concerned with. It seems my left wrist is already messed up. My doctor thinks i've cracked mom is leaning towards carpel tunnel syndrome. I'm waiting to get the x-ray results back. But hey, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right??? Just spin it off, that's what I think


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Posted:I would think that poi in general is fairly low impact compared to other normal day activities. Definitly very low when compared to any sport or workout activities. I mean, life in general wears you body down, but I'd think poi wouldn't be that bad at all for you. Unless you seriously beat yourself up everytime you spin. Repetitive wise, it's alot less repetitive than sitting in front of a computer typing all day, which is what I get to do here at work:) Poi is at it's most repetitive when you first start out, as you go on it gets alot less as you try out new variations and combos.

I'm sure there are some bad elements to poi, such is life, but I also think the positives greatly outwiegh them.

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Posted:The Mauoris used to use it to keep joints supple.. they can't have got it wrong all these yearscan they.. I'm sure if we all maintain good posture and remember to keep our frames then there sould be no problems.. if your body hurts then it is just trying to tell you something..

I've got Hyper moble joint syndrome (makes me very bendy - should join a circus really.. could give those little rubber chinese girls a run for thier money)and I find that I hurt sometimes.. I just put my poi down for a few days till it passes.. damned body - won't let me do what I want. But most of the time if I warm up with some Yoga then I'm A-OKAY all the way!

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Posted:We use the poi toa which are 6mtrs long and have solid weights inside, they can be dangerous when you start out but after a couple of hits its surprising how fast your reactions become!




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Posted:I think poi would be good for the joints if u combine it with streching b4 hand and after...

I think the problems come when u... say hit ur self in the head with unburned fire poi... Done it and it hurt... I was afraid I had a concusion...
Anyway i say its only a dangerous as u allow it to be...
U should remember to warm up and strech because this is a dicipline that requires a lot from ur body not just 'twirling'...

Until next time... take care ppl.



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