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Posted:Haha, finally I have something to post here! Yay! First off, my apologies for the poor video quality, sound, and occasional camera movement. These were shot using a cheap (REAL cheap) digital camera (The picture, not the movie kind), so it's difficult to see some things. We were on a beach with poor lighting also, though if you squint in some of the bad ones you can still make out the moves.... biggrin

Not much to see really, but I was excited to finally have em up. We need to go find a camera... and um... some tiki torches or something for light on the beach... for the next time.

So anyway, here we are:

crossBeefy_Cross_Nelsons_4-20.avi - Ok, here I am playin with a cross. It's a short one, 39 seconds, and shows some basic manipulation stuff... It only gets pulled out for special occasions.

Beefy_Poi_Nelsons_4-20.avi - And playing with poi. This was the first one we actually shot, before I... ehem... actually KNEW I was being filmed which is why I'm not facing the camera for most of it. Shows some basic spinning, a few tosses (Including one that was giving me trouble near the end), some kinda BTB weave / moonwalk thing at about 0:28 and a few airwraps, though they are hard to see.

Beefy_Staff_Nelsons_4-20.avi - Yay, my implement of choice. Again, before I knew I was being filmed, and quite dark, but a sweet drum circle going in the background. biggrin Check at around 2:00 for my half-steve down back to foot kickup. Lot's of contact staff.

Knagi_Cross_Nelsons_4-20.avi - Knagi's turn at the cross, little more vertical oriented... need to try some of that out next time.

Skyler_Poi_Nelsons_4-20.avi - Skyler poin around. I think it looses some of the impact without knowing that he broke his leg 24 hours before hand and had just gotten back from the hospital with a cast a few hours earlier (Yes, he had to wait until the next day to go to the doctor). And yet he spins hoppping around on one foot. It may have been something you had to be there for, but we found it amusing. biggrin

Jesse_Nelsons_4-20.avi - Jesse's run. Slow start, gets into his flow around 0:30 and those are hyperloops taken over the head from the front at around 1:00. Sorry I don't have more... later on that night this kid was pulling off stuff I've never seen before...

Elise_Nelsons_4-20.avi - Elise spinning, short at about 0:40. She had a nasty tangle at the end trying to work out a hyperloop.

Bill_Nelsons_4-20.avi - Bill playin with a staff. Bit better lit it seems. Not sure who that is in the background....

Well that's it for now. Hopefully next time I'll have some better movies with a real video camera. Enjoy!

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Posted:some nice vid's

but imho jesse should work out his hyperloops
very unclean frown
don't be mad with me for this reply wink there are some great vidz too of course


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Posted:caaaaaant see a thing just a green screen confused, what might it need to download this time... eek

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Posted:Umm problem.. says the internet..source..something cannot be found. confused2

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