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Location: Hexham, Newcastle, England

Just a general "yay im gunna be here, anyone else?" cos i've yet to meet up with anyone remotely good at fireplay + it would be pretty nice. Plus if yeah, do you know where abouts we could play? Only near tents isnt really that safe, and they generally have entrance checks getting near the stage-type bits, so i doubt they'd let you cart a load of parafin through.


(I know you already asked about Leeds Custom Bug but the response was shitty so i thought it was worth another shot.)

PsyriPsyriSILVER Member
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Location: Berkshire, UK

Well I'm going to have a huge fit, I just found out Orbital are gunna b @ t in park, n basement jaxx, n faithless n [censored] loads more... n I'm skint! And wots more the site sez there sold out (duh me) so I've gone to scarlet mist 2 beg and I am asking if anyone really cant make it all of a sudden, I'll buy it and will love you for ever. tongue

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